SOZNET – Austrian Research Network on Labor and Employment Research

SOZNET is an Austrian research network of university and non-university social science institutes focusing on labor and employment research. The aim of this cooperation is to strengthen research on work-related issues and to intensify the cooperation between institutes.

Map of Austria showing the location of different SOZNET partners
Austria_all“ by Andreas Griessner, licenced under CC BY-SA 3.0.

Up until a few years ago, Austrian research on working life was centered in the non-university research sector. Recent developments at the universities of Linz, Vienna and Graz opened new possibilities and chances for cooperation. This reassignment is now used to promote an intensified cooperation between the research institutes. Therefore, SOZNET assembles different fields of expertise and skills within labor research, creating new opportunities for scientific projects and ideas but also for the career development of young researchers. One example of this is the annual meeting of excellent young labor researchers presenting and discussing their PhD projects in public together with the scientific community and stakeholders at the so-called SOZNET doc.session.

In addition, SOZNET sees its role in commenting on relevant public social issues. In September 2014, SOZNET organized a public event on contemporary working time in Austria, presenting current results on the topic and discussing these with professionals from the private sector, employers’ and employees’ representatives and the interested public.

Current members of SOZNET are the sociology departments of the University of Vienna, Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz, Karl-Franzens University of Graz, the Working Life Research Centre (FORBA) and the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS). With their joint activities these institutes aim to strengthen labor research in Austria.

Meet SOZNET online:

SOZNET contact persons:
University of Vienna: Prof. Jörg Flecker
FORBA: Dr. Ursula Holtgrewe
IHS: Dr. Beate Littig
University of Graz: Prof. Klaus Kraemer
University of Linz: Prof. Brigitte Aulenbacher, Prof. Susanne Pernicka

Theresa FibichTheresa Fibich studied sociology at the University of Vienna. She is currently a PhD student and a research assistant at the Department of Sociology, University of Vienna as well as a coordinating assistant of the research network SOZNET. Her main research interests are work and employment and family sociology.


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