Meet the LOC – Roland Verwiebe

In our series “Meet the LOC” we would like to introduce you to the members of our Local Organizing Committee. The previous entries in this series can be found here.

VerwiebeWhat is your main sociological field of study and what sparked your interest in it?

All issues related to social stratification and social inequality. Research on migration and the labor market using quantitative as well as qualitative research methods has been my major focus during the last 10-15 years. I was living in Berlin when I started to work in this field. In the mid-1990’s the city changed dramatically. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, one driving force was a newly emerging migration to Berlin, mainly from European countries (e.g. UK, France, Sweden, Poland) and the US.

What characterizes your scientific work?

I work as an empirical sociologist who has a strong interest in issues related to social stratification and social inequality.  I try to engage into research which has a socio-political / societal relevance. In my view, it is increasingly important for sociologists to actively participate in the public sphere. We can prove to be a large and excellent source of expert knowledge to this sphere.

It is equally important to conceptualize research that it has an impact in international scientific debates. In recent years I have increasingly enjoyed collaborating with younger scholars from Vienna and beyond. Team work is quite often the solution to challenging projects.

What is the main professional activity you are engaged in?

I was Head of the Department of Sociology between August 2011 and June 2015 and I am an active member of RC 28 (Social Stratification)

What are your next projects or publications?

Recent publications:

  1. Verwiebe, Roland / Hacioglu, Melek / Seewann, Lena / Wolf, Margarita (2016): “I like to be very good at what I do”. Career entries among university graduates with a migrant background. What are the formative barriers, specific capitals and compentencies? Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 42 (online first).
  2. Troger, Tobias / Verwiebe, Roland (2015): The role of education for poverty risks revisited: Couples, employment and profits from work-family policies. Journal of European Social Policy
  3. Verwiebe, Roland / Reinprecht, Christoph / Haindorfer, Raimund / Wiesböck, Laura (2015): How to Succeed in a Transnational Labor Market. Job Search and Wages among Hungarian, Slovak and Czech Commuters in Austria. International Migration Review 49 (online first).
  4. Riederer, Bernhard / Verwiebe, Roland (2015): Changes in the educational achievement of immigrant youth in Western societies: The contextual effects of national (educational) policies. European Sociological Review

Roland Verwiebe, born in 1971 in Berlin, trained tool maker, is a full professor for social stratification research and quantitative methods at the Department of Sociology (University of Vienna) since 2009. He worked at the universities of Hamburg, Duisburg and Berlin since 1997 and studied in Berlin (Humboldt University) and New York City (Columbia University). His expertise includes various issues related to questions of migration, social inequality and poverty, the labor market, life course analysis, values and attitudes.


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