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Dear readers,

after a successful Third ISA Forum of Sociology in Vienna we invite you to look back on the numerous contributions to the ISA Forum Blog, listed below. The central topic throughout the posts was of course the theme of the third ISA Forum; “The Futures We Want: Global Sociology and the Struggles for a Better World”. There were contributions from the Executive Committee and the RCs/WGs/TGs, as well as introductions to the members of the Local Organizing Committee and articles on the history and current state of sociology in Austria and its neighboring countries. Enjoy reading, and see you in Toronto!

– the Local Organizing Committee



Brigitte Aulenbacher, Rudolf Richter, Ida Seljeskog:  The Third ISA Forum of Sociology: Going Local, Going Global

Roswitha Breckner: Visual Life-Stories on Facebook. A Methodological Approach to Old and New Ways of Constructing Biographies

Sina Lipp, Josef Moussa: The murder of Giulio Regeni – The Importance of Safeguarding Academic Freedom for a Better World

Meet the LOC – Ulrike Zartler

Meet the LOC – Roland Verwiebe

Meet the LOC – Frank Welz

Meet the LOC – Martin Weichbold

Emma Dowling: Postcapitalism? Five Orientations from the Perspective of Social Reproduction

Alex Williams: On Realising Postcapitalism

Klaus Dörre: Postcapitalism?

M. Blofield, J. Martinez Franzoni: Busy unequal women, awakening governments, male detachment: Care in Latin America today

Pierpaolo Donati: We need a relational welfare state

Dieter Holtmann: The measurement of the performance of nations and welfare regimes as a corrective for learning societies

Hildegard Theobald: Comprehensive Eldercare: Responsibility, Generosity and Equality

Margaret Abraham: India’s Student Protests: Struggle for a Better World

Meet the LOC – Beate Littig

Ettore Recchi: Is International Mobility Unifying or Dividing the World?

Jochen Tholen: Young People and Politics in Europe –Two Parallel Worlds

Brigitte Aulenbacher: Global Care Gaps, Modernity and Capitalism

Jacklyn Cock: Sociology for Survival: a view from the Global South

Dimitris Stevis: Green Transition? Just Transition?

Meet the LOC – Max Haller

Michael Fine: Care and Caring. Can There Be a Theory and Research Agenda?

Erik Kojola: Labor-Environment Relations: An Enduring Conflict or Transformative Alliance?

Birgit Riegraf: Care, Gender, Justice: Alternative Care Arrangements in Formal and Informal Sectors

Meet the LOC – Jörg Flecker

Raewyn Connell: Masculinities Research and Gender Justice

RC06 Family Sociology: “The Futures We Want” From A Family Studies Perspective

Michael Burawoy: Global Dialogue

Meet the LOC – Alexander Bogner

Ana Mijić: The Benefit of Being a Victim

Maria Pohn-Lauggas: Intergenerational transmission of resistance against National Socialism and Visual Practices of Remembering

Rosemary Barbaret: The United Nations in Vienna – a Sociologist´s Treasure

Meet the LOC – Dieter Bögenhold

Tilo Grenz: From Raised Mediatization to Demediatization? Constructing Wanted Futures

Carina Altreiter, Franz Astleithner: About a Red City and a Pink Building: Communal Housing in Vienna

Sujata Patel: The Challenges of Being an ISA Editor

Rudolf Richter: Real Utopias

Roland Atzmüller, Julia Hofmann: „Austria, Island of the Blessed“? Social Inequality and Wealth Distribution in Austria

Theresa Fibich: SOZNET – Austrian Research Network on Labor and Employment Research

Beate Littig: Sociology beyond the University: The Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna

Dario Azzellini: Persecution and Exile of Austrian Sociological Authors During Fascism

Carina Altreiter, Theresa Fibich: Austria – A Leisure Society? On The Complexity of Working Time Statistics

Meet the LOC – Brigitte Aulenbacher

Michaela Pfadenhauer: A Sociologist as Alien Among Roboticists?

Fabienne Décieux, Katrin Anna Walch: Führerstadt and Heimatgau: Linz and Upper Austria During the Nazi Era

Irene Rieder, Eva-Maria Schmidt: “Parenthood” – The Making Of

Franz Astleithner: Marie Jahoda Summer School of Sociology

Laura Wiesböck: Separating Work From Life – Cross-Border Commuters in Central Europe

Michael Parzer: Music in a Changing Society – Kurt Blaukopf and the Viennese School of Music Sociology

Meet the LOC – Rudolf Richter

The Local Organizing Committee: Welcome


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